Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is TrainrBoost?

TrainrBoost is a personalized fitness app that provides customized workout plans based on your unique goals, fitness level, and schedule. Our aim is to make fitness accessible, enjoyable, and effective for everyone.

How does the personalized workout plan work?

When you sign up, you'll complete a short questionnaire about your fitness goals, preferences, and schedule. Based on your answers, our algorithm creates a tailored workout plan that evolves as you progress.

Do I need any special equipment?

Most of our workouts are designed to be done with minimal or no equipment, making them perfect for home workouts. We do offer routines that incorporate basic gym equipment for those who have access.

Can I use TrainrBoost if I'm a beginner?

Absolutely! TrainrBoost is suitable for all fitness levels, from complete beginners to seasoned athletes. Your workout plan will be tailored to match your current fitness level.

How do I track my progress?

The app includes a progress tracking feature that allows you to log workouts, track your fitness journey, and see how close you are to achieving your goals.

Is there a community or support system?

Yes, we have a vibrant community of TrainrBoost users where you can share experiences, challenges, and victories. Our team of fitness experts is also available for guidance and support.

What if I miss a workout?

Life happens! If you miss a workout, you can easily adjust your schedule in the app. Our flexible plans are designed to adapt to your lifestyle.

How does the subscription model work?

We offer monthly and yearly subscription options. Each plan gives you full access to the app's features, including personalized workouts, progress tracking, and community support.

Is my data secure with TrainrBoost?

Your privacy and data security are our top priorities. We use industry-standard encryption and never share your personal information without your consent.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time through the app settings. If you need assistance, our customer support team is here to help.

Need more help? Contact us at [email protected] for any further questions or assistance.

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